One of the greatest dangers when going to  sea is the risk of collision. The United States Coast Guard requires that large ships be equipped with radar, but this cannot assure that bridge personnel are watching their equipment. As important, many small vessels do not reflect radar signals adequately, making it very difficult for ship's officers to avoid collision in restricted visibility.

  Our passive Collision Avoidance Radar Detector (C.A.R.D) system is an installed instrument that will display the relative bearing of any vessel operating radar within the range of the antenna's horizon. The system will also alert crew by producing a tone each time the antenna processes a signal. The control panel allows the user to select sensitivity for open ocean or coastal cruising. High and low audio levels have been provided to meet the prevailing condition.
  Representing the current state-of-the-art in semiconductor technology, the
C.A.R.D. system is the finest collision avoidance system on the market today. Efficient electronic miniaturization has made this remarkable system possible